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Kids Blinds is founded on the principle of safety. We believe that windows in homes in which children live or visit should not have cords or chains, and therefore all our products are cordless and chain free. 


Information from ROSPA shows that there have been at least 26 deaths of children due to window blinds in the UK since 1999, (13 of which have occurred since 2010.) ROSPA’s website states the following: Research indicates that most accidental deaths involving blind cords happen in the bedroom and occur in children between 16 months and 36 months old, with the majority (more than half) happening at around 23 months. These toddlers are mobile, but their heads still weigh proportionately more than their bodies compared to adults and their muscular control is not yet fully developed, which makes them more prone to be unable to free themselves if they become entangled. In addition, toddlers' windpipes have not yet fully developed and are smaller and less rigid than those of adults and older children. This means that they suffocate far more quickly if their necks are constricted. As with drowning, toddlers can be strangled quickly and quietly by looped cords with carers in close proximity, potentially unaware of what is happening. To reduce the risk posed by looped cords, including blind chains, cords should be kept out of the reach of children. Additionally one of its key recommendations is that parents:


  • Install blinds that do not have cords or chains.


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There are a number of safety products available but they rely on parents and carers always using them and as any parent knows toddlers move very quickly and can get into difficulty in very short periods of time! Blinds are an extremely popular, practical and stylish solution for children’s bedrooms, and therefore the solution to us seems clear – fit blinds without chains or cords that are SAFE BY DESIGN.

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